Day #17 Prompt – Aphorism

Penmanship Anyone?

Every single day Sister Miriam Joseph asks us boys to go outside and clap the erasures.  It’s the only way to get them clean.

Good students are asked because she trusts us to do the right thing when we’re unsupervised.

Boys only.  She never asks the girls. Jimmy claps an erasure against the back of Danny’s uniform jacket.

Does it have to be like this,” asks Danny? Jimmy slaps Danny’s back a little too aggressively to get the marks out

Fine.  I said, it’s fine,” says Danny.

I miss my friend,”and what not.”

doves sky-4023006_1280

Dr. K. passed July 18, 2019.
I was his academic administrator 2002-2012. I also worked for other departments, but I’m not sure he ever got that 🙂

I helped him in setting up clinical trials, and revising many drafts (penultimate version 8) of numerous peer-reviewed articles.

Dr. K. was thoughtful, respectful, and kind. He helped me through a very dark time. He supported my writing. I will miss his friendship most, “and what not.” RIP Dr. K.~ Margo A. Mertz the M.D. Whisperer.

Dribs and Drabbles

Writing was (and is) my first love. Time and again I would try denying it, strangling it, squelching it, replacing it, and convincing myself I was over it.

~ Margo
StoryADay May 2019 Superstars
I accepted the challenge to write a story a day in May. All are drafts.  They are works-in-progress.
Some are…


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